Types of Pendants Every Woman Must Own

Casual Pendants

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These pendants are classic, fashionable and versatile and not just that, they also add a bling to your everyday look be it for college or office. They will not only go well with your personal style but will also blend perfectly with your everyday outfits. Casual pendants come in many designs and colors, in fact there are many pendants that are made of different metals and stones. If you are a person who  wants to look distinctive, then you must opt for some unconventional and quirky designs. You could also pick simple designs like bows, flowers and motifs as well as some symmetrical figures.

Pearl Pendants

Pearls are an essential that can never go out of style come what may. They symbolize purity and are supposedly believed to offer luck, love, protection and wealth to the person who wear them. A classic pearl pendant blends in perfectly with both formal and casual attire. These pendants are stylish and elegant. Wearing them with any outfit will definitely add a wow factor. You can simply wear it for an evening party as well. When it comes to pearls, women cannot resist them.

Heart Pendants

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These pendants are hands down loved by all and you would want to wear it all day long. People usually gift these heart pendants to their beloved and celebrate their years of togetherness. You can customize these pendants as well based on your choices as most of the women prefer heart lockets over a plain heart pendant.

Another type of pendant that you can add in your jewelry box are the gemstones. They come in so many designs from bold to subtle and leave an aura of charm. Irrespective of any occasion, they have the power to captivate anybody’s attention because of their appearance. Some of the famous stones include ruby, emerald and sapphire.